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Final Fantasy 13 1080p 60 Fps Look Like On Youtube

final fantasy 13 1080p 60 fps look like on youtube


Final Fantasy 13 1080p 60 Fps Look Like On Youtube >

















































Final Fantasy 13 1080p 60 Fps Look Like On Youtube, masterchef us s03e10 720p projector



Running on the Xbox One, Final Fantasy XVs pacing problem disappears completely. Plus you will get graphical glitches as MSAA is required for this game. FeaRTH3Reap3R View Profile View Posts 20 Dec, 2014 9:34am Originally posted by chrcoluk:4k downsampling is way more gpu intensive than MSAA, that wont work. The High mode runs at a 1800p with checkerboarding, better textures, and improved effects, but it sees a similar level of stutter as the base PS4 version.Drop down to Lite mode on the PS4 Pro, and things are slightly better. The game CAN be played at 60fps but somehow it's forced to 30 or less. GAMER221993 View Profile View Posts 21 Dec, 2014 6:54pm Originally posted by ryan0991:Originally posted by GAMER221993:Like people said before me, the only way to play this at 60 fps is when Square tries to fix the game.


2017 reddit inc. not relevant as the guy is trying to do it as a better performance alternative. All rights reserved.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.Advertise - games. From that setting it gives me 9 FPS! Do the middle setting with triple buffering and Vsync. I've been playing at 30 fps (locked) for a few days now and it works fine.


View Profile View Posts 21 Dec, 2014 2:13am keep in mind that, having skype open or webbrowsers open can lag the game too massively.its recomended to have skype completely shutdown when you play this. My game runs perfectly fine in battles, it's outside if battles I have issues. At least 30fps it is constant. The reviewer spoke highly of the characters and environment, but the real-time combat and limited magic system were a bit disappointing. #1 . Sadly, the Xbox One version hasnt been widely reviewed yet, so theres not a great apples-to-apples comparison available. At any rate if I'm wrong I'm wrong it looks tons better in motion on my screen. Homyak View Profile View Posts 12 Dec, 2014 8:29am I was playing at default settings with 1024x1024 SR and x4 AA and had about 5fps drops now and then.


Eurogamers Digital Foundry examined the performance on the PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One, and found that each one suffers from a slightly different issue. #11 . My current fps ranges between 10-15 in open world and 30+fps in battles. Bha! View Profile View Posts 12 Dec, 2014 5:43am Blurry and fps going up and down so much from 30 to 60. But it's not locked at 30fps.

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